You probably know... On Hiatus

Hey Jammers! Its quite obvious I quit posting. Only, I didn't want to say goodbye. I know I haven't gotten far with this blog. BUT I feel like its going no-where. I've lost intrest in making videos and blogging , which obviously means, I'm BORED of AJ. It feels like there is nothing more than rares in Jamaa. I feel like doing a chore while making videos or posting. I tried to continue, but there is no hope. I can only stay on AJ for max 15 minutes before getting bored again. I only like to spend time with my buddies around the world, and thats it. I do come on AJ, everyday, but for 5 minutes. I'm sorry if I disappointed any of you. But im really more interested in pursuing things I like, for example, graphic designing. I love to draw, especially on the computer. I do have a deviant art, and I draw. Its possible I might post some drawings here. I dont have the heart to delete this blog. I tried to give myself a break and continue, but I just.. cant. So, well, I guess this is goodbye. Only for this  blog though. I might make a new blog about art, but I just don't know. 

On a Field Trip!

Heya AJ Jammers! Sorry for the SUPER late post. Its just that I forgot to inform you about not posting this Friday (Today.. well I did post. :D) and Saturday. (Well, I can post on Saturday, just a bit late.) The reason is because I'm currently going on a field trip with my school (I'll be leaving in 10 mins!!). Its a night-over trip, from Friday night, to Saturday Evening.

Anyways, today's new item is the Heart Trident!
Other colors are from the AJ Spirit! I only had the original one!

Now, with this new Armour set, AJHQ is sure doing a LOT of advertising! But, pretty tempted (if I was a member) to buy it, after reading this little post by them!

Well, I need to go to school now! I'll be posting late tomorrow! Seeya Jammers!
Happy Jamming Everyone!

Special Delivery Update + Heart Ring

Heya AJ Jammers! I was WAY to busy the previous days to post! Sorry >.<! Anyways, we have a NEW update! But first, lets get to our new, yet expensive, member item called the Heart Ring!

Hmm, not really my thing, but ok :3

Friendship Festival = New Adventure :D! Its called the " Special Delivery "! Its fairly simple to do.

Once again, Greely's Hideout is on sale! Make sure you buy it!

Kind of the same newsletter from here on..

2 more weeks guys!! What did YOU vote for?

I'm sorry, I don't have time for the Fact of the Day!
Happy Jamming Everyone!

Rare Pink Purse + Indian Republic Day! :D

Heya AJ Jammers! First off, HAPPY 66TH REPUBLIC DAY, Indian Jammers!! Today's Rare is the Rare Pink Purse! Which I believe was on sale last Thursday as well? But it is quite on the expensive side..

O_O 850 For a PURSE?! Ok ;-; I'll pay ;-;!

Well, as I announced before I started the post, today (26th of Jan) is the 66th Republic Day for India! One of the world's largest economies! (1.5 BILLION people live in India!) President Barack Obama is here in India to witness the "Cultural Diversities" Parade! Our Prime Minister delivers a speech every year before the parade starts! Our military puts on a little march and makes the Tri-color (Indian flag name!) with powder in the sky with their airplanes. Let me show you some pictures! Also all this happens in the Rashtrapati Bhavan!

^.^ That's the Rashtrapati Bhavan!

^.^ Our Marching Band :3

^.^ Our Air-force making the Tri-color!

^.^ Motorcyclists!

The next few pictures are of the Cultural Diversities Parade!


Lastly, Our Prime Minister and President Barack Obama!

Fact of the day:

Fact of the day #1:
Wild dolphins call each other by name.

Fact of the day #2:
Young goats pick up accents from each other.

Fact of the day #3:
Horses use facial expressions to communicate with each other.

Happy Jamming Everyone!

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