You probably know... On Hiatus

Hey Jammers! Its quite obvious I quit posting. Only, I didn't want to say goodbye. I know I haven't gotten far with this blog. BUT I feel like its going no-where. I've lost intrest in making videos and blogging , which obviously means, I'm BORED of AJ. It feels like there is nothing more than rares in Jamaa. I feel like doing a chore while making videos or posting. I tried to continue, but there is no hope. I can only stay on AJ for max 15 minutes before getting bored again. I only like to spend time with my buddies around the world, and thats it. I do come on AJ, everyday, but for 5 minutes. I'm sorry if I disappointed any of you. But im really more interested in pursuing things I like, for example, graphic designing. I love to draw, especially on the computer. I do have a deviant art, and I draw. Its possible I might post some drawings here. I dont have the heart to delete this blog. I tried to give myself a break and continue, but I just.. cant. So, well, I guess this is goodbye. Only for this  blog though. I might make a new blog about art, but I just don't know. 

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